Native Tongue is an independent music publisher, with offices in Australia and New Zealand.
Besides acquiring rights to local writers, we also administer the works of overseas writers and catalogues for Australia and New Zealand.

Established in 2003, Native Tongue has built a respected catalogue of local writers. We set out to provide writers with a publishing company dedicated to assisting with the development of their skills as songwriters and composers throughout their careers.

Although we are a small company, we see this is one of our major advantages. It enables us to be far more proactive than our competitors and react quickly to the needs of our clients, whether they be film and television companies, commercial advertisers or the bands of which our writers are members.

We see our role as getting out there and getting things done, working with the band, the management, the record label and the distributor to make things happen.

Our job is to work with you to help you achieve your goals, as a songwriter and in many cases; an artist. We have a broad network of contacts we can utilise in all areas of the business – record companies, distributors, booking agents, promoters, publicists, radio, etc.

We will work with you, your management and record distributor to maximise sales of your record. You probably have most bases covered but there will always be something we can do to help squeeze those extra sales. It may be that we help a band get on a festival bill, provide advice on obtaining touring grants or come up with that song opportunity in a film that breaks through at the box office – who knows – it's an ephemeral business and its not always easy pinning down where things will come from.

If you are looking to place songs with other artists we have a worldwide network of contacts who work songs on that basis. If you want to co-write we will work with you to develop connections with writers you want to work with. If you want to compose film or television scores we are ideally placed to help you realise these ambitions.

We get out there and do the hard yards wherever it is required.

We have over the years developed publishing relationships internationally and through our music supervision business have come to know those companies who work particularly hard gaining sync licenses and pursuing the ancillary income that is available around the world. We have also established a network of international sub-publishers to administer our works around the world. In each case our sub-publishers are established independents with a long term track record of working within their own territory.

Native Tongue also enjoys strong relationships with all the major US, UK, Canadian and European music supervisors and can submit clients works for use in a wide range of projects around the world.

We are also one of the only publishers with offices and staff on the ground in Australia and New Zealand enabling us to fully represent your copyrights in the key markets in our home territory.


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Andrew Keoghan

Andrew Keoghan

With a 130-year-old violin under his arm and a flawless pop sensibility under his belt, Andrew Keoghan has crafted some of the most delightful and intriguing pop songs to emerge from New Zealand of late.

Andrew spent the better part two years strumming and plucking his Grandfather's violin around New Zealand, looping up a storm. And with the support of some of New Zealand's finest musicians, Andrew has constructed a truly international album, drawing comparisons to artists such as Beirut and Andrew Bird.

Keoghan's songs grow and expand, drawing listeners into the diaphanous layers of his enchanting sound-worlds gently, and with grace.


Andrew Keoghan Honoured with Taite Prize Nomination
<em>Andrew Keoghan</em> Honoured with Taite Prize Nomination

Native Tongue is extremely proud to announce that Andrew Keoghan and his debut album "Arctic Tales Divide" has been nominated for the prestigious Taite Music Prize in New Zealand.

"We were extremely pleased to work with Andrew on the release of this album, and are glad that his excellence has been recognized by his inclusion in the list of finalists", states Jan Hellriegel, General Manager of Native Tongue New Zealand.

In a similar vein to several international awards, The Taite Music Prize's purpose is to recognise outstanding creativity for an entire collection of music contained on one album.

The winner of the Taite Music Prize will be announced at an awards ceremony at Q Theatre in Auckland, on April 20th 2012.

Andrew Keoghan Signs To Native Tongue
<em>Andrew Keoghan</em> Signs To Native Tongue

Native Tongue is proud to announce the signing of a publishing agreement with Andrew Keoghan. Keoghan is the first signing by Native Tongue New Zealand since General Manager Jan Hellriegel, joined the company last year.

"We were drawn to Andrew 's music because it is quite different to anything out there at the moment. He is a refreshing, innovative and unique artist" said Jan.

Of his decision to sign with Native Tongue, Keoghan stated, "I am impressed with the innovative way Native Tongue supports their artists. I feel confident I am in safe hands".

Managing Director Chris Gough said, "We're already seeing interest overseas and believe Andrew will be a major writer and artist for many years to come."

Keoghan's signing to Native Tongue coincides with the release of his new album, 'Arctic Tales Divide' and his album release tour of New Zealand's main cities.